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Welcome to Scale Your Sales weekly Monday 12 midnight GMT podcast, No 8. of 42 Best Podcast For Every Sales Professional 2020. Dedicated to learning from amazing experts and influencers to help you on your journey to Scale Your Sales. A show created for B2B executives, sales leaders, key account managers and customer serving professionals, to engage with lively conversations on customer experiences, strategic revenue growth and modern sales know-how.

I am Janice B Gordon, the Customer Growth Expert. Sales is not a function of the business; sales are the primary outcome of the business and marketing is a part of this sales process rather than the other way around. What is critical to a productive business is how the customer experiences the sales process and what outcomes the customer requires from the sale. The more focused you are on the customer outcome the more productive your sales process. More on Scale Your Sales website.

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Apr 12, 2021

My next guest on the Scale You Sales Podcast show is Lisa Magnuson has walked in the shoes of sales leaders. She was an award-winning sales manager and led the charge as a Sales VP for several Fortune 50 companies. Totalling over 35 years of experience, she has worked with large, medium and small corporate clients across a broad spectrum of industries.

00:00 Why complexity means doing things simply.

01:08 Why salespeople need to pay attention to the changes?

04:30 Why as a sales professional, it is important to understand what the prospect's priorities are?

06:36 Why value also means outcomes?

09:50 Are you thinking from the customer's point of view?

13:32 Why you must ask yourself - what is good for the customer?

16:58 Clients only care about how you can help them!

21:29 Why doing things in a practical way, like pre-call planning, is critical to your success.

25:42 End

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