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I am Janice B Gordon, the Customer Growth Expert. Sales is not a function of the business; sales are the primary outcome of the business and marketing is a part of this sales process rather than the other way around. What is critical to a productive business is how the customer experiences the sales process and what outcomes the customer requires from the sale. The more focused you are on the customer outcome the more productive your sales process. More on Scale Your Sales website.

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Jan 11, 2020

Selling is more challenging than ever before for many reasons including Marketing Message Overload, the Internet and Diminishing Attention Spans. Because of these and other reasons, it's important that organizations and sales professionals focus on the highest leverage areas in selling.

The Perfect Close is sublime If anyone wanted to learn a method of closing with zero pressure. Read the Perfect Close. James said he struggled to close sales and read all the books and many of which came from the timeshare industry that use unscrupulous techniques.

By accident, he discovered the closing question “what’s the next step?” The second close question of the perfect close, came about when James got into management and he realised that they were struggling with the same thing.

The questions are proactive and coach the buyers and customers through the buying process, suggesting the next step facilitates through their internal processes and buying step so the buyer remains in control.

James says it is important to have prepared a couple of ideal outcomes, Neil Rackham termed these advances. As soon as they pushed fast than they are ready for that when it feels like manipulation and stop sharing because they think you will use it against them. In 90% of cases the customer suggests the next logical step, says James.

It is natural to hire in your own image, however, none of us is as good as all of us – if we have one perspective, we have a blind spot which is not representative of our clients, James believes there is still a long way to go in embracing diversity in sales.

The job of sales is not to manipulate or persuade says James, we want to produce honest value and offer real insight that benefits the customer. The mindset is of facilitation. If there is a secret to selling, then it is to do a great job for your customer, and they will recommend you.

James Muir hero is Mahan Khalsa the author of Let's Get Real or Let's Not Play. Mahan taught many things including the principle that intent matters more than technique.

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James Muir is the founder and CEO of Best Practice International and the bestselling author of the #1 book on closing sales - The Perfect Close. James is a 30-year veteran of sales having served in every role from individual contributor to executive VP. His mission - to make the complex simple. 

Those interested in learning a method of closing that is zero pressure involves just two questions and is successful 95% of the time can reach him at